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Social Enterprise Exploration and Discovery (SEED) is a mentorship program targeted towards connecting students from different backgrounds who are passionate about social enterprise with successful professionals who are already involved in the social enterprise scene. Through SEED, we aim to help develop the next generation of impact makers, and demonstrate to undergraduate students that social enterprise is a viable career path.

Time Commitment

The program will run from October to April. Mentees and mentors are free to set up meetings to their convenience; we suggest that you meet about once a month for an hour or two, and through the duration of the program we ask that you meet at least 5 times. Additionally, we will host a Welcome Mixer on the second week of October and a Closing Ceremony on the first week of April, both of which all mentees are expected to attend. Dates will be announced soon.

For Mentors

Why Be a Mentor?

  • Assist UBC students in learning more about the social enterprise field and their specific areas of interest, to become better-educated and passionate future professionals.
  • Shape the next generation of professionals to be conscious business leaders and changemakers in the Vancouver community and beyond.
  • Mentees can provide a fresh perspective on real business challenges or situations mentors face in their day-to-day work.
  • The SEED mentorship program will aim to connect mentors and mentees based on the personal and professional aspirations of both parties.

Who are we looking for?

  • Successful industry professionals involved in social enterprises who have passion for what they do and are interested in mentoring students on the possible career paths, challenges, benefits, and opportunities associated with working in a social enterprise. Mentors must be willing and able to foster an environment of open communication between themselves and mentees to facilitate interaction, engagement, and sharing of knowledge and experience.

For Mentees

Why be a mentee?

  • Participate in a mentorship program that could help you develop yourself and improve your career development; to be better equipped and more knowledgeable regarding social entrepreneurship and the social enterprise world.
  • Develop your network through meeting multiple people in the social enterprise industry as well as other students, all the while developing a relationship with your own mentor and possibly getting a foot in the door for an industry or company.
  • Gain experience and insights into social entrepreneurship, which could help equip you and provide clarity for future steps towards your career.

Who are we looking for?

    • We are looking for students who have the drive and passion to make a positive impact in the world through social entrepreneurship, and are interested in learning more about the career paths, challenges, benefits, and opportunities associated with working in a social enterprise.
    • Students must be willing to fulfill to the program’s time commitments and build a relationship with their mentors; which includes fostering an environment for the relationship to grow and taking initiative to set up meetings.
We are strong believers in the power of social enterprise, which is why we strive to involve future business leaders in the impact sector. We ask for your support in empowering and engaging students to spread social innovation and create positive impact.
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