UBC Social Enterprise Club is pleased to be beginning its partnership with LET’S this year. LET’S (Learn, Empower, Transform & Solve) is a UBC-born initiative that seeks to provide universal access to educational, medical, and economical resources to facilitate the socio-economic growth of developing communities.

Upon realizing the need of educational resources on the internet, LET’S discovered that it was extremely difficult and expensive to provide internet connectivity in developing communities, largely due to the lack of infrastructure. Innovatively coming up with a new solution to the issue of a lack of access to education, LET’S created Takthi. Takhti is an attempt to extend the educational resources in developing countries, with very limited amount of infrastructure available. This device behaves as a stand-alone webserver, serving educational material over wifi. All the resources that populate Takhti can be accessed from this device, in the same fashion as we surf over internet – using web browsers, over wifi.

UBC Social Enterprise Club is currently working with LET’S on facilitating market research in communities where project Takhti will be implemented.

To learn more about LET’S, please visit www.lets-ica.com


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