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Ice Ice Breaker

The first event of its kind, students from all faculties and skill levels had the opportunity to engage with 5 different social enterprises from various fields and were able to apply their skills directly to ideating solutions to social issues

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Impact Week

Impact Week is a series of events brought to you in collaboration between 9 UBC-based clubs and centres. We have the common goal of bringing to the forefront the most urgent issues of today: climate, poverty, inequality, and health.

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Innovation Expo

Under the theme "Social Enterprise is a Mindset, not a Profession", the Innovation Expo consisted of a cross-disciplinary exposition of social enterprises, social innovation, and sustainability-related professionals.

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UBC SEC Conference

Founders from around the world of highly successful social enterprises creating change on a global scale and local heroes driving change in their own communities came out to connect with delegates at this inaugural event.

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The purpose of the second Conference was preparing and connecting delegates with the tools and mentors needed to question traditional norms, envision a world that puts communities over compensation and create a changemaker within themselves

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