In 2012, the UBC Social Enterprise Club emerged as an idea cultivated by passionate,
 innovative and motivated students looking for ways to create change in the world. Since then,
 SEC has engaged thousands of students and grown to an inter-faculty club that seeks to bridge
 disciplines, unite students and social enterprise, and create changemakers.
 We strive to create a lasting impact on campus by educating, empowering and inspiring students to
 become catalysts for sustainable positive change and think of creative answers to the social issues
 that have gone unaddressed in our world. We aim to cultivate a community that dares to challenge the
 status quo, exceed expectations, and create systemic impact.

We Bridge Disciplines

We believe you can’t form a business with just business students and that everyone has the ability to
 create an immense change in the world. We also know that connecting diverse skill-sets is very powerful
 for social innovation and therefore put a great emphasis on “bridging disciplines” and bringing students from all faculties together.

We Unite Students and Social Enterprise

We are strong believers that social entrepreneurship is not simply a profession – but also a mindset.
 The students of UBC are tomorrow’s leaders and we strive to facilitate the engagement of students with
 entrepreneurs and concepts in the social enterprise field. We provide a diverse range of opportunities
 for students of all faculties to get involved and explore how they can drive change and be socially
 innovative throughout their career, whatever their career may be.

We Create Changemakers

SEC imagines a world where business is used as a tool for social good, for making a sustainable impact,
 and for ultimately creating a better world. We imagine a world built on trust and dignity, one that
 values communities over compensation and one in which innovation stems from the promise of doing good.
 Our goal is to accelerate the growth of the changemaker network at UBC and to encourage all students
 to consider the power they have to make a difference.

What is a Social Enterprise?

We define a social enterprise as an organization that cares about more than just profit,
 but rather one that innovates on business models to achieve a triple bottom line: profit
 to be re-invested in social good, social impact, and environmental impact. Social entrepreneurs
 are drivers of this change that disrupts the status quo and transforms our world.


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