Stories of Social Enterprise: Tareq Hadhad

Sometimes Social Enterprises are born out of an idea, other times they are born out of passion and a spirit of endurance.

When Tareq Hadhad fled Syria with his family, he had no idea that he would become an entrepreneur that would help other refugees rebuild their lives in Canada.

In 2012, the Hadhads home and factory that housed the family’s chocolate-making business were destroyed, which forced them to seek safety in other countries. A former medical student at Damascus University, Tareq joined medial relief efforts after arriving in Lebanon. Tareq and his family were welcomed to Canada on a community-based sponsorship in December 2015.

After arriving to Nova Scotia in December 2015, Hadhad relaunched his family business as Peace by Chocolate, which raises awareness to peace building projects and supports the local economy by creating jobs.

The company gathered incredible community support and has become a phenomenon. In September 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opened his speech to the United Nations Leaders’ Summit on Refugees detailing the family’s success story.

Tareq has spoken at the Amnesty International’s Human Rights Conference in Calgary, Halifax Chamber of Commerce Annual Spring Dinner, a remarkable TEDx talk at Dalhousie University and to several corporate and government organizations.

Join the UBC Social Enterprise Club and Amnesty International to welcome Tareq Hadhad to UBC! Learn about the compelling story of how his family, and many others, have turned a traumatic conflict into positive impact through perseverance and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

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