Speed Dating


This event will bring together a wide range of students of all UBC faculties. We are working on the theme of Speed Dating in which the platform is created where 2-3 students get a “speed dating” session with different social entrepreneurs. Through this interaction students will learn more about the diversity of social enterprise, the vision behind each enterprise, and be empowered and inspired in the process. The event will be a cross-disciplinary exposition of social enterprises, social innovation, and sustainability-related professionals.

The event will start off with a team building ice breaker where the speakers will be matched in groups with the students to build a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows. The point of the icebreaker is not only to introduce the students to speakers and make them feel comfortable in the environment but also to illustrate the importance of experimentation and keeping an open mind. With the speed dating we will open the students minds to the variety of social enterprises. This will lead them to keep their minds open for the next event the “create your own venture.”

The students will then be split up into groups of 2 or 3, and will go to a station to meet their social entrepreneur. There will be a booth crawl where students have to collect a signature to be entered into a raffle when they have completed their crawl. The students will be at each booth for only 4 minutes.

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