Innovation Expo


Under the theme “Social Enterprise is a Mindset, not a Profession”, the Innovation Expo consisted of a cross-disciplinary exposition of social enterprises, social innovation, and sustainability-related professionals.

The event began by a panel of speakers from different fields. On the panel was Jennifer Tan (Environmental Sustainability Consultant at Vancity), Don Burks (Head Instructor at Lighthouse Labs), and Marcia Nozick (Founder and CEO of EMBERS). Students then got the opportunity to network with over a dozen social enterprise booths including Affinity Bridge, Lighthouse Labs, My Sister’s Closet, Wize Monkey, BSI Biodegradable Solutions, Groundswell, Second Nature, Ideas x Change, Common Energy, Enactus, Faith in Business and Super Mileage. It turned out to be an excellent way for social enterprises to reach the student community and find volunteers, as well as expose their company mission.

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