Annual Social Enterprise Conference 2016


The second annual Social Enterprise Conference, under the theme ‘Limitless Change’ was held on the beautiful UBC Vancouver campus on March 12th, 2016 and engaged 300 delegates from across faculties. They ranged from students who were new to the idea of social enterprise to those who were deeply engaged in the field. The delegates heard from thought leaders who have created immense scalable change within their respective fields as well as fellow students who have started their own social ventures. Taking it one step further, delegates were also be challenged to think critically about how they can innovatively affect change and present their ideas under the mentorship of successful social entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the second Conference was preparing and connecting delegates with the tools and mentors needed to question traditional norms, envision a world that puts communities over compensation and create a changemaker within themselves.

By showcasing social entrepreneurs from a variety of disciplines alongside one another, we hoped to emulate the idea that change is limitless not to those who stay within the traditional boundaries of their field but rather to the ones who are willing to take action, break boundaries and pioneer the positive change they wish to see.

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