UBC Social Enterprise Conference

The second annual Social Enterprise Conference will be held on the beautiful UBC Vancouver campus on March 12th of 2016. The 300-350 delegates of the conference will be a diverse group of students across faculties primarily attending the University of British Columbia. Unlike last year, we are opening the conference to other universities in Vancouver and across Canada, giving students the opportunity to engage in an enriching experience otherwise not offered at their respective school.  They will range from students who are new to the idea of social enterprise to those who are deeply engaged in the field. The delegates will hear from thought leaders who have created immense scalable change within their respective fields as well as fellow students who have started their own social ventures. Taking it one step further, delegates will also be challenged to think critically about how they can innovatively affect change and present their ideas under the mentorship of successful social entrepreneurs.

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We choose the theme ‘Limitless Change’ not only to inspire the delegates of the 2016 UBC Social Enterprise Conference but to unleash their potential and create a feasible call to action. The actions of existing social entrepreneurs prove the idea behind limitless change, they essentially are the change we are currently experiencing and their predecessors have the opportunity to be the ones creating the change we wish to see in our future. Based on this idea, the ultimate purpose of the conference surrounds preparing and connecting delegates with the tools and mentors needed to question traditional norms, envision a world that puts communities over compensation and create a changemaker within themselves.

By showcasing social entrepreneurs from a variety of disciplines alongside one another, we hope to emulate the idea that change is limitless not to those who stay within the traditional boundaries of their field but rather to the ones who are willing to take action, break boundaries and pioneer the positive change they wish to see.


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Opening Keynote

Changemaker Moments

Fireside Chat

Spotlight Keynote

No Limits: An Interactive Panel Discussion

Exploration Forums

Closing Keynote

(Not your Normal) Networking Session


Opening Keynote:

An influential thought leader will set the stage for the day’s events by sharing their insight and experiences in the field of social enterprise.

Changemaker Moments:

Delegates will have the chance to hear from selected students who have been paving the way for social enterprise in their communities, proving that students can create impact themselves no matter their stage in life.

Fireside Chat:

Delegates will have the chance to witness a notable figure engage in conversation about the concept of social intrapreneurship, the act of behaving like a social entrepreneur while working within a large organization.

Spotlight Keynote:

An industry professional will tackle how to create system-changing solutions and debunk misconceptions about the field of social entrepreneurship.


No Limits: An Interactive Panel Discussion:

Five social entrepreneurs with ranging backgrounds will participate in an interactive discussion focusing on the need for an interdisciplinary approach when solving social issues.

Exploration Forums:

In this collaborative session, delegates will gain hands-on experience working alongside a social entrepreneur of their choice to combat their social venture’s issue. Students will be given a chance to brainstorm with others and present their ideas in a mini-case at the end.

Closing Keynote:

Similar to the Opening Keynote, another notable social entrepreneur will speak about social enterprise and their role in it to wrap up the day’s events and leave delegates with further understanding and inspiration to create change using what they have learned.  

(Not your Normal) Networking Session:

An industry professional will share their journey of creating connections and approaching people to help overcome their perceived limits, with a clear call to action outlining the first steps taken when beginning a career in social enterprise. Delegates will have the opportunity to connect with other delegates as well as industry guests over food and drinks.




6133 University Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T, Canada


March 12, 2016 10:00 am

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