The 2016 Social Enterprise Conference



The second annual Social Enterprise Conference will be held on the beautiful UBC Vancouver campus on March 12th of 2016. The 300-350 delegates of the conference will be a diverse group of students across faculties primarily attending the University of British Columbia. Unlike last year, we are opening the conference to other universities in Vancouver and across Canada, giving students the opportunity to engage in an enriching experience otherwise not offered at their respective school.  They will range from students who are new to the idea of social enterprise to those who are deeply engaged in the field. The delegates will hear from thought leaders who have created immense scalable change within their respective fields as well as fellow students who have started their own social ventures. Taking it one step further, delegates will also be challenged to think critically about how they can innovatively affect change and present their ideas under the mentorship of successful social entrepreneurs.

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We choose the theme ‘Limitless Change’ not only to inspire the delegates of the 2016 UBC Social Enterprise Conference but to unleash their potential and create a feasible call to action. The actions of existing social entrepreneurs prove the idea behind limitless change, they essentially are the change we are currently experiencing and their predecessors have the opportunity to be the ones creating the change we wish to see in our future. Based on this idea, the ultimate purpose of the conference surrounds preparing and connecting delegates with the tools and mentors needed to question traditional norms, envision a world that puts communities over compensation and create a changemaker within themselves.

By showcasing social entrepreneurs from a variety of disciplines alongside one another, we hope to emulate the idea that change is limitless not to those who stay within the traditional boundaries of their field but rather to the ones who are willing to take action, break boundaries and pioneer the positive change they wish to see.


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UBC Venture Clinics

UBC Venture Clinics is a series of events hosted by the UBC Social Enterprise Club that provides undergraduate and graduate students with a hands-on opportunity to contribute directly to a local social enterprise. A social entrepreneur will be invited to join a group of students on the UBC campus to share a business challenge faced by their organization. Students will break off into smaller groups and brainstorm ideas and recommendations for addressing the challenge presented.

About Us

About Us

Creating changemakers since 2012

We Create Changemakers

We are a passionate group of students driven by our mission of creating changemakers. We hold various events and socials (including our annual Social Enterprise Conference) to encourage students to make a difference in the world.

Our goal is to accelerate the growth of the “changemaker” network at UBC and to encourage all students to consider the power they have to make a difference.

We Unite Students and Social Enterprise

We are strong believers that social entrepreneurship is not simply a profession - but also a mindset. Thus students from all faculties are encouraged to discover how they can make a difference and be socially innovative throughout their career, whatever their career may be.

We Bridge Disciplines

We believe you can’t form a business with just business students and that everyone has the ability to create an immense change in the world. Also, we know that connecting diverse skill-sets is very powerful for social innovation. Therefore, we put a great emphasis on “bridging disciplines” and bringing students from all faculties together.

What is Social Enterprise ?

Social Enterprise: A business that is driven by its purpose of achieving some type of social, cultural, community, economic and/or environmental outcomes.

Social Entrepreneurship: The practice of combining innovation, resourcefulness and opportunity to address critical social and environmental challenges.

What is the difference between social enterprise and typical business?

On the surface, many social enterprises look, feel, and even operate like traditional businesses. But looking more deeply, one discovers the defining characteristics of the social enterprise: its mission is at the centre of the business.





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